20 Funny Thoughts You’ve Probably Had During Hot Yoga

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Are you thinking what I’m thinking?!

Staying focused in the hot room is often easier said than done! From overthinking postures to making mental to-do lists, we’re all culpable of slipping into autopilot or being distracted by drifting thoughts.

When the heat is on, chances are you’ve got an internal monologue that can be difficult to switch off. We’ve taken a light-hearted look at 20 thoughts you’ve probably had in the hot room, whether it’s your first class or your 100th.

How many of these can you relate to?

1. Gosh, this room is hot today…rationalises with self, it is called hot yoga for a reason.

2. Can I take a nap now?…five minutes into class

3. Forgot to do the squat test. I really hope these yoga pants aren’t see-through…should I check or would that make it worse?

4. Second set, hello legs…embrace the shakes!

5. Did I turn off the oven?…and did I lock the front door?

6. Left arm goes where?…are you sure you didn’t mean right arm? Or did you say left foot, or right foot?

7. OK so how do I exit this position?…there’s literally no dignified way out

8. Woah, pedicure way overdue…those toenails have seen better days, hopefully nobody spots them

9. How are we not halfway through yet?…Is the clock broken? Can someone check please?

10. I’ve overcommitted to this pose…Send help

11. Oh wow, should’ve taken my mascara off…literally looks like Alice Cooper right now!

12. Waft that door open again pleeeeeease…never has a cool breeze felt so amazing

13. Must suck belly in! *Holds breath* Then gets reminded to breathe!

14. This is all leading up to some crazy pose, am I right?…Mermaid, Crow, 8 Bend Balance…hit me with it, I have got this!

15. Is that my sweat on the floor?…it clearly is, I can see my reflection in it

16. And why is nobody else sweating?…is there something wrong with me, or them?!

17. Everyone else makes it look so easy…if my arms were longer I’d definitely nail this pose

18. Abs? Seriously? I thought it was Savasana time…Well that’s just mean

19. Aaaaand Savasana…Survivor by Destiny’ Child playing in head

20. What a wonderful feeling!…I’m just gonna lie here…Do. Not. Move. Me!

So, how many of these do you identify with? More than 5? More than 15?! If you find you’re spending too much time comparing, worrying, feeling self-conscious or frustrated, it can impact your practice and experience. Here are some top tips to help you refocus during your next class.

Don’t compare!

It’s natural to compare in life but yoga is not a race or contest. It’s about you and your wellbeing. Try and appreciate that everyone is different (and every day is different), leading their own personal journey. Your progress is what counts. Admire and compliment people – it feels good!

Acknowledge thoughts but don’t dwell on them

When you’re in the middle of a backbend and remember you’re all out of bread, acknowledge the thought and let it pass. You can’t do anything about it right now. Focus on the pose and forget the outside world for a bit.

Listen to your body

If pain or severe discomfort is impacting your flow and concentration, stop! Take a break in child’s pose, sip some water or ask the teacher for advice or a modification. Hot yoga is meant to be challenging and fun, not stressful!


It sounds obvious, but sometimes we hold our breath instead of using this energy. Breathe out slowly with control when you’re stretching or balancing, directing the breath to the area of your body you’re working. This can help you stay focused and less prone to wobbles whilst maximising the heat benefits, safely.

Don’t fret about sweat!

We’re all here to sweat. We are meant to be dripping, slippery and feeling amazing for it, so embrace it. Your heart, lungs and muscles are working hard and you’re removing toxins at the same time. Ensure your clothes optimise your comfort, confidence and mobility, and use the mirrors to help your posture.


Enjoy your next class with a clear and focused mind. Namaste!

Head to our class timetable to find your next, or first class, embrace the heat and the sweat and enjoy!