21 Reasons to take the 21 Class Challenge!

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Our 21 Class Challenge is back by popular demand! June is the month to get yourself into the studio for 21 classes in 30 days…sounds tough right? Nothing worthwhile is meant to be easy but we’re confident that by the end of it you will see and feel a huge difference in your mind and body.

Here’s 21 quick reasons why you should take on the challenge with us!


1. You can’t ‘fail’ this challenge! If you don’t manage all 21 classes in 30 days you will still have worked hard trying to get there and can learn from the experience.

2. Push yourself…when was the last time you really pushed yourself? Honestly? Is it long overdue?

3. Be accountable…it gives you the nudge you need on the days that you might not be feeling it and prove to yourself you CAN achieve what you set out to.

4. It’s social…meet new people, different teachers and fellow members.

5. Get on social…sharing your challenge & goals publicly with others makes you more accountable and likely to succeed YES! Plus you can tag Hot Yoga Club in your posts and share the hot yoga love!

6. Try different classes…ALL classes are included – hot, warm, yoga, Pilates, Sculpt – try them all!

7. Discover yourself…when do you feel you benefit most and get optimum results?

8. Progress your practise….tackle the more challenging poses more regularly and make noticeable progress.

9. You’re not alone…we’re with you every step of the way, even some of the Hot Yoga Club teachers and staff will be participating alongside you.

10. Plan and take control…work classes into your schedule to make the challenge work for you. If you want to double up (or triple up even) on some days and leave some days yoga-free, you can.

11. More ‘you time’ in the studio will help you become more mindful of how you feel, physically and mentally.

12. H2O!…you’ll make more effort to hydrate daily which can mean long-term improvements to your daily regime.

13. Establish a routine…some say routine is boring, some say it’s the secret to success. Make your own mind up!

14. Establish healthy habits…more sleep, earlier starts, why not make an effort to make small changes to your diet or give up that one food vice that you have…reward yourself with it once you’ve finished.

15. Try different spots in the studio and find your favourite one…then arrive to class on time to get your space!

16. Feel like an amazing human being…it really is an exceptional challenge.

17. It’s for EVERYONE…join in whatever your level – no one is too old, young, inflexible, incapable, inexperienced or experienced! It’s 100% inclusive.

18. See your progress on the board…rack up the stickers on the chart after each class to encourage you to get the next one.

19. There’s no limit. Why stop at 21…if you finish before the end of June come back for more!

20. It’s a great conversation starter. Tell people about the time you did 21 yoga classes in 30 days…and get them to join you next time!

21. Everyone’s a winner…feel the exhilaration of success once you’ve completed the challenge. Also the first person to complete all 21 classes wins a prize.


The challenge runs from Saturday 1st June to Sunday 30th June so get started as early as possible to give yourself more time to finish and enjoy some rest days.

Buy the challenge online by heading to www.hotyogaclub.co.uk/pricing or purchase via the Hot Yoga Club app. We’re available at the studio daily so you can also call or email us to get signed up: 01784 463100 or [email protected]