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Amanda Free co-created our wonderful Hot Yoga Club in 2017 and is something of a hot yoga pioneer. She has been practising ever since her first class in LA in 1983 taught by Bikram Choudhry, the founder of Bikram yoga (it was “hot as hell” but she went back for more!). In 1995 Amanda returned to the UK as Europe’s first Bikram teacher and has been nurturing and learning from fellow yogis ever since. She lives with her two daughters and designs her own brand of workout leggings ‘TigerBFree’ as well as teaching and practising every week.

To tap into about her experiences and passion for the fabulous world of hot yoga, we quizzed Amanda with 15 questions and just 60 seconds to answer them (the audio recording of this was fabulous but reading it is just as good)! Candid, witty and gracious in her answers, read on to discover more about Amanda Free!


Q: Where is the most amazing place you’ve done yoga?

A: Here! (the hot studio)

Q: Where is your dream destination to do yoga?

A: Japan

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

A: Don’t hyper-extend your elbows!

Q: …and what advice do you give?

A: Don’t hyper-extend your elbows!

Q: Who inspires you?

A: Dharma Mittra (octogenarian yoga legend and creator of the Master Yoga Chart of 908 Postures) 

Q: Name three things you’re grateful for right now

A: My children, their health and their happiness

Q: What’s your favourite yoga brand?

A: I love Sweaty Betty and obviously my own brand TigerBFree!

Q: What’s your favourite time of day for yoga?

A: 4pm

Q: Describe what mindfulness means to you

A: Freeing your mind, relaxing, connecting with your breath, getting rid of all the cobwebs in your brain

Q: Do you have a ‘nemesis’ yoga pose?

A: Rabbit (Sasangasana)

Q: Is there a pose you’ve found hard but conquered?

A: Standing Bow (Dandayamana Dhanurasa)

Q: A life without yoga would be…

A: Oh, just rubbish!

Q: What’s the biggest yoga myth you’d like to eradicate?

A: That yoga is all about lying down and rolling around on the floor wearing baggy pants and eating grain, it’s not true! And also that yoga is easy – what does that even mean?! It’s hard work and it’s all relative and what you make it.

Q: Can you recall your first ever hot yoga class?

A: Yes, I can, and I cried!

Q: In only five words, how does yoga make you feel?

A: Fantastic, happy, euphoric, relaxed, content

Q: What’s the best yoga gift you’ve been given?

A: My first class


Discover the extensive Hot Yoga Club timetable which includes Amanda’s BFree Hot Yoga, Hot Yoga 60 and Sculpt classes and find out more about our flexible pricing and membership options.

Next time you see Amanda around the club, be sure to say hello or ask her any burning questions you have about hot yoga!