A challenge is the path to self-discovery

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Our recent yoga challenge on Instagram “12 poses of Christmas” gave everyone a new pose to try, every day, for 12 days, starting with tree pose and ending with camel…with a few challenging poses in between!

We asked you to upload a daily photo or video to Instagram, being as creative and festive as possible. Tanya was crowned queen of the challenge with her spectacular and original approach and Rachel was a very worthy runner up!

But a Christmas challenge is not just for Christmas. Simply by tackling a small goal every day can have a positive impact on your mindset and attitude for the months ahead. So we asked some of our yogis what they took away from it…


You discover hidden talents

We cover a lot of poses in our classes, from Hot 60 to Rocket, but some of the ones in the Christmas Challenge were new to many people, such as 8 angle pose or splits. By watching the short tutorial video and having a go, you may discover that you’re an expert king pigeon, or a ninja at a pose you never knew existed or never thought you could get yourself into. It’s always great to discover a new party piece and get to know what your body is capable of. And we are all too guilty of automatically thinking we can’t do something that looks tricky.

You inspire others

Tanya found the challenge re-energised the whole family and it became an event they all shared. “A sense of anticipation, excitement and a little bit of nervous energy filled our house each day and it wasn’t about counting down the sleeps until Santa! We waited for the instruction and daily tutorial, then we would elect someone to try the pose first, sometimes with a competitive spirit, but always with a supportive attitude (occasionally that meant literally holding each other up or pointing the camera to get the best angle). Not every pose was mastered but it meant we had a collective goal and one we could smile and laugh about at the end of a dark and drizzly December day.” Great work, team!

You try rather than shy away

It’s only natural (especially if you’re a little competitive or proud!) to avoid a challenge that you might not be able to achieve. And whilst it’s tempting to shy away rather than risk falling on your bottom, the whole point of a challenge is that you give it your best shot. In trying, you accept that you’re not yet mastering the skill but willing to learn and can benchmark a starting point for improvement. So if you can’t make it into splits right now, no worries. You can work on it and measure success as you get closer to accomplishing it. The same goes for any pose or class that you might be avoiding instead of giving it a go. What’s the worst that can happen?

You CAN make time

It doesn’t sound too hard to video or photograph a pose a day for 12 days, but it’s crazy how the hours fly by and before you know it, you’re in your PJs ready for Netflix and haven’t taken a camel pose selfie. Whilst we weren’t checking what day/time people uploaded photos, our participants found that by accepting the challenge they also had motivation to complete it properly (roping in family, friends and props to get festively creative!). The learning here is that you can put something off, or not bother at all, or you can dig deep and reap the rewards.

You realise you thrive on a challenge

Whilst just getting to the studio can be a challenge when you’ve got a million other commitments going on, if you have a set goal or goals in mind you can give your practise more focus. A defined challenge takes you on a journey of self-discovery and pinpoints areas you pledge to improve, and makes you feel proud of your achievements. After the Christmas challenge finished, some of us felt a little lost without our daily task, and in Tanya’s case so did her friends and family. She had so many people say they followed the progress and loved the Insta feed that they’re asking what’s next!


But fear not. Your next yoga challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to complete 21 classes of yoga (or Pilates) in the month of February (remember it’s a leap year so you get 29 days in total to complete them all). You can but your 21 Class Challenge pass now either online at www.hotyogaclub.co.uk/pricing, via the HYC app or just give us a call on 01784 463100 to get started.

Is there a spark in you waiting to try? Come and join us, have some fun and FEEL AMAZING!

We look forward to seeing you in the studio!