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“I’ve just done a hot yoga class – absolutely amazing. So good to be back!”

Remember that sweat-tastic side angle? The buzz from balancing as you mindfully conquer the heat? September is here and it’s time to get back to the studio…

Our golden door is open and we are ready for you! It’s been a very strange few months and things are a little different, but we are committed to making the hot yoga experience empowering, fun and safe for all (and the studio door really has been painted gold!)

“I missed not doing yoga in the hot room and being challenged by all the amazing teachers. The studio feels very safe and they have worked hard to follow the government guidelines.” Charlotte

We have been blown away by everyone’s support and enthusiasm since reopening in July. If you are still a little hesitant to return or even get started with your first class, we’ve summarised the benefits (including how we keep you safe) and asked our members to share their experiences of coming back to the studio.


“It feels normal to be back, even with the restrictions. It is still fun, very enjoyable, hard work of course and feels great.” Debbie

We live for yoga and well-being, so health and safety will always be our priority. The Thames Club and Hot Yoga Club have put practical measures in place to safeguard members, staff and visitors. It goes without saying that we are following & exceeding the guidelines from a health & safety perspective, providing plenty of hand sanitisers and cleaning sprays and wipes for you to do your bit after classes and regular ‘fogs’ of the studios and gym area. In the hot studio specifically, we have allowed more time between classes to mop the studio floor, ensure reception is cleaned and sanitised and also give students more time to move in and out of classes without having ‘people congestion’. New mat markings on the floor give everyone plenty of personal space and we have also reduced class sizes until further notice. But don’t worry, the heat is certainly on and you will still leave with that unique post-hot yoga feeling!

“You don’t get people congregating outside the studio, and everyone is very respectful when they leave, giving each other plenty of time and space. We are encouraged to wipe down our mat and practice area after class too. But this doesn’t impact the class itself – the teachers are still fantastic!” Katie


Getting used to the temperature and humidity after a few months away can be daunting, even for the teachers, but you’ll soon re-acclimatise. This is one of the most common worries but it’s really not a biggie.

Studio Manager and teacher Laura says “Just treat it like your first class. Be gentle on yourself, don’t have the same expectations that you did 6 months ago and don’t feel pressured. Your yoga practise will have changed and might be a bit creaky but it will return…be patient! You can’t run a marathon the day you decide to take up running, so build slowly and consistently and the rest will follow. Let your teacher know if you’re struggling or anxious coming back in, we will look after you. We’ve loved seeing familiar faces returning and delighted to welcome some new ones too!”

Remember to bring your water bottle and towel and hydrate before and after class (that advice hasn’t changed).

“Coming back into the studio, it was like I’d never been away, and it was great seeing everyone again. Within minutes the sweat was pouring out of me!  I had to take it easy for the first few sessions, but it soon came flooding back, and… I’m a regular again!” Stuart


Whilst the [email protected] online classes were a lifeline during lockdown, and continue to be offered on demand, getting out of the house and into the studio is beneficial for so many reasons. Apart from the space, escapism and heat, the mirrors help your technique and the teachers are always on hand.

“I am a mum of two young boys and found it hard to do yoga at home during lockdown. I therefore really missed being in the studio and having some time away from the madness at home. Going to a hot yoga class is not only a great workout for me, but it also gives me some headspace and an hour of calm.” Katie

“I did yoga in the garden on some pretty humid summer days but it’s great to be back in the hot room without the cats and kids wanting to share my mat. The studio is the only place I’m 100% focussed where the doorbell won’t interrupt my downward dog!” Emma

The showers and changing rooms are open for hot yoga members (capacity dependant) so you can return home clean and dry and grab a coffee on your way out.


… and the rest will fall into place. Even if you haven’t done tree pose since Spring, or you’re a complete beginner, don’t worry! Every class is taught at a safe, steady pace and no one gets left behind. The first step is booking a class and getting down to the studio to move and relax in the heat.

“I was a bit worried about going back because I had only done two online yoga classes during lockdown so felt very out of practice. I attended a Warm Candlelit evening class first, and it was a great way to ease myself back in gently. I have since been to two B Free Hot Yoga classes, during which I was absolutely dripping with sweat but it felt so good!” Katie

You’ll make noticeable progress when you commit to a regular class(es).  Booking is simple via the app and there’s a waitlist feature, so you have the best chance of securing a place. The buzz after your first class is awesome and you’ll start to feel the rewards immediately, both mentally and physically.

“My muscles definitely feel a lot stronger, especially my upper body and core. This has made a difference to my running as I have already achieved a new 1KM PB!” Charlotte


We are running a Beginner’s Workshop on Thursday 24th September. It’s a great way to start out and learn the basics in a small group environment. Spaces are limited but we do have a few spots left. Head to for more info and to book your space.


If you can’t get to the studio or you forget to book in time, fire up your laptop and get your yoga fix virtually. For just £5 a week, you’ll have on demand access to our online library of yoga and Pilates sessions filmed via Zoom during lockdown.

“Having been an avid visitor to the Hot Yoga Club, I was distraught when it closed. Thankfully, along came Zoom yoga and I found myself practising almost daily, culminating in 108 Sun Salutations on International Yoga Day!” Stuart


We can’t wait to welcome you back, or for the first time, when you feel ready. From Warm Candlelit to Hot Rocket, it’s time to rediscover the world of hot yoga in the studio.

If you’d like to discuss your return (or first visit) to the studio please get in touch with us:

[email protected] / 01784 463100