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To All New & Existing Hot Yoga Club Members & Customers, 

We are sending communications and updates out to to you via email, social media and also thought a Blog style update would help you to keep up to speed with what is happening at the studio over the coming days and weeks…

As you know the current Coronvirus (COVID-19) situation is changing daily and is something we will continue to monitor closely over the coming days and weeks. We feel it is important to keep you updated with what we are doing at the hot studio and also what we expect from our members and customers during this time.

Firstly, remaining calm, being sensible and taking the right precautions is paramount. Our priority, as always, is to ensure the health & safety of our staff, teachers and students is not compromised.

With this in mind please keep yourselves up to date with the latest advice & information about the virus available online from Public Health England. Click here for information & advice


What are we doing and what are we changing?

Our doors are open as usual unless any official government decisions are made, or we feel that it is in the best interest for everyone that we close the studio.

In the meantime, please be advised of what we are currently doing, and will continue to do, from an operational and hygiene perspective, to ensure we are being vigilant and putting you and our staff as the first priority. These changes will be made until further notice:


Operational Updates & Changes

> Class Timetable: We are not currently reducing classes but will be monitoring this. As the situation is changing daily, any decisions to reduce classes will be communicated with as much notice as possible.

> Class Capacity Restrictions: Effective Wednesday 18th March 2020 we will be temporarily restricting all classes to a maximum of 20 people. With this in mind please book into classes beforehand (14 days ahead booking policy remains in place) and after this it will be done on a first come first serve basis if there is space available. If you have already advance booked to take the class capacity over 20 we will be in touch to let you know. Those who have booked on most recently will be removed from the class and asked to keep an eye on cancellations and to re-book when a space becomes available.

> Monday Evening Class Change: As we reduce the class capacity to 20, we have decided to change Monday evening’s ‘Hot Rocket’ class to another ‘Hot Flow & Go’ class from 5-6pm. Monday is and has always been a very busy evening so we want offer this 5pm class as one that is accessible to as many people as possible. If you usually come to the 6.30pm BFree class but can make an earlier time at 5pm we ask that you make this change. Hot Rocket will go ahead as normal this evening, it will change to Hot Flow & Go from Monday 23rd March.

> Cancellation Policy: With immediate effect our cancellation policy is suspended until further notice. No late fees will be charged or classes taken for any late cancelled classes HOWEVER please respect this decision and if you cannot attend a class or choose to cancel please remove yourself from the class with a much notice as possible to allow someone else to book in. If we notice anybody who is just not showing up for a class we will discuss this with individuals if needed.

> Punctuality: We will continue to maintain our rules around lateness to classes. If you are late and the teacher has already started the class, you will not be allowed in. Please respect our staff when they make this decision.


Studio Cleanliness & Hygiene

> Cleaning: A deep clean of the studio and the reception area is done at the end of each day. We are also making every effort to clean the studio in between classes, such as mopping the floor & sanitising door handles. Please see below how you can help us with this.

> Class Finish Times: With immediate effect, teachers have been asked to finish all classes a few minutes early to allow you time to clean down your mats and areas around your mats before you leave. Whilst we enforce this we ask that you remain outside of the studio during the class cross-overs until we have cleaned and checked the studio and everyone else has left the room.

> Mat & Towel Rentals: Effective Wednesday 18th March we will no longer be renting out mats or towels from Hot Yoga Club reception. Please bring your own mat with you and if needed you can purchase one from us at the studio for a reduced price of £15.00 (Yoga Matters brand, same as the rental mats we use).

> Equipment: Effective Wednesday 18th March we will be removing blocks from the studio for communal use – if you regularly use a blue or black block for classes, please consider bringing your own one with you. We will still be using weights in certain classes which are and will continue to be cleaned after every use – if you wish to bring your own hand weights to those classes please do. For Pilates class if the teacher is bringing their own equipment, such as balls and resistance bands, they will be cleaned before and after every use.

> Personal Hygiene: This is extremely important in the hot room, AT ALL TIMES, not just now. Please ensure you have showered the same day, have washed your hands before and after class, wear clean clothes and deodorise as needed. It’s a hot sweaty room and we sweat a lot in there, we know! In this environment odours can be heightened so please be aware of this and deodorise as needed when you come to class. Shower facilities are available for all hot yoga customers on the ground floor.

> Lost Property: Effective Wednesday 18th March we will (temporarily) no longer be storing any lost property. Items left behind after class will be disposed of daily. If you think you have left something behind please call us as soon as possible and organise for it to be collected.


What We Ask From You

Please support us by respecting the points below and being vigilant yourselves not only in the studio but during your everyday activities and interactions with other:

> DO NOT come to the studio if you have symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has confirmed COVID-19.

> Wash your hands before class & after class (and frequently anyway) with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds, and if using hand sanitiser ensure it contains at least 60% alcohol.

> Bring your own mat to class and any other props you wish to use whilst we temporarily remove the use of communal blocks.

> Bring your own towels to class. We advise 1 x large towel to place over your mat, 1 x smaller towel for any excess sweating and to wipe yourself down.

> Clean your mat and area around your mat at the end of every class using the sanitiser sprays provided. We have blue roll available but to save the environment, we suggest you bring a small cloth with you to wipe everything down and then wash this along with your other hot yoga items as you normally do. Please feel free to bring your own sanitiser wipes or sprays for your own equipment that you are using.

> Cancel off your classes as usual with plenty of time to be respectful to others wanting to attend a class whilst we temporarily restrict class sizes. Our 1 and 12 hour cancellation policy will return at a later date so please imagine they are still in place!

> Please store all large bags and unnecessary clothing etc in the lockers in the main changing rooms – we have minimal space up at reception and want to keep it a tidy and clean area as much as possible. Lockers require a padlock so please bring one with you.


We appreciate your support, understanding and cooperation over the coming days and weeks during these unusual times. We hope you can see that we are making every effort to operate as normal for as long as we can whilst we feel it safe to do so.

We know that our studio is a haven for many of you and a place to come to escape some of the madness around us in everyday life! Let’s keep our studio clean and lovely and in business but just be a little more vigilant than usual whilst we navigate our way through things. In time we will return to normality.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at the studio if you have any questions regarding anything outlined above. Please also bear with us during this time if we don’t have an answer to your question! This is a first for all of us, as we have further decisions and updates we will alert you.

Please look after yourselves and your loved ones, we trust you all remain happy & healthy and will continue to see you for classes.

From Laura, Amanda, Pete & the team at Hot Yoga Club

Email us: [email protected]

Call us: 01784 463100