Here Comes The Sun

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There are sure signs that spring is on its way and, once again, we’ll be blessed with sunny days. The ‘astronomical’ season of spring is marked by the spring equinox (also known as vernal equinox) when the path of the sun aligns with the equator. Meaning “equality of night and day” in Latin, the spring equinox falls on March 20th this year.

Spring continues in the northern hemisphere until the summer solstice on June 21st 2021 – the longest day of the year (bring-it-on!). We can look forward to longer, warmer days, colourful blooms, spring crops and new life. We also hope to be back in the hot room this spring so there’s lots to celebrate.

How To Embrace The Spring Equinox

As the saying goes, March comes in like a lion and out like a lamb. Indeed, spring is the time for renewal, re-birth and fresh starts, so take the opportunity to get rid of old habits, behaviours or thoughts that hold you back. A spring clean can be a physical or spiritual exercise, so think about the benefits of decluttering – that could be your home, a room, wardrobe or your mind. Create and do positive things – plant seeds, learn something new or write down the ideas, dreams and intentions you want to achieve. Say them out loud and start to make them happen.

For yogis, sun salutations are an ideal way to take in prana (life force) and exhale out the ‘clutter’ that no longer serves you. Flow through as many as you want, as often as you want. Stand tall, reach, grow and open up to embrace spring. Throughout your general practice, fluid movements, twists and opening up will help you emerge from winter ‘hibernation’ mode and unblock and align your seven chakras.

Hello Sunshine

As spring rolls out, so will the sun. Rays of sunshine are a real mood booster, restoring calm and increasing serotonin levels (the hormone that stabilises happiness and well-being). Safe, limited exposure to the sun can improve skin complaints and provides your daily dose of Vitamin D, linked to many benefits including bone health and cancer prevention. It also relaxes the muscles and can improve memory!

Watching the sun rise never ceases to feel magical. It symbolises a new day, a new start and reminds us that the world is constantly shifting. It is possible to see the sun rising and setting directly in the east and west at equinox, whereas it appears off-centre at other times of the year.

Rise To The Challenge

If you find you feel miles better waking up on a sunny morning, that could be due to the sun’s natural light that switches off the sleep stimulating hormone, melatonin. Why not try getting up just before the sun and welcoming the sunrise with gentle candlelit yoga or an energetic sculpt class on demand? Feel the benefits of moving and breathing as night turns into day and assures us that the seasons are changing. As it gets warmer, you could even try yoga outside when it’s bright and sunny. Layer up as necessary or maybe start and finish your practice basking in the sun, feeling mindful and motivated (and topping up your Vitamin D).

These are lovely words from spiritualist coach Sofia Rose Smith:

If you can, rise with the sun intentionally once a week to feel gratitude for your life, and for all that the sun brings to you (literally, all of life — food, animals, the ecosystem, warmth, light…). Say hello and thank you!

Celebrate spring and new beginnings with Hot Yoga Club

Join our live Rise & Flow class on Saturday March 20th at 9am which serendipitously falls on the 2021 spring equinox. This class is suitable for all levels, incorporating a strong flow through sun salutations, deep stretches, balances and relaxation for the whole body. Book now via our app or website.