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I just read a post on ‘the gram’ from one of our amazing students @claireylou26 (feel free to give her a follow, she’s pretty entertaining and has a really cute little puppy) who just completed the last sweaty hour of her 21 Class Challenge and it prompted me to write this blog quite randomly (I’ve never written a blog or anything like this before). The photo she posted of herself putting her last challenge sticker up on the board and the words she wrote just filled me with sheer happiness, a massive sense of achievement and an overwhelming urge to shout about our studio as we continue to grow, but also to take a moment or two to reflect.

It’s the start of November 2019 and another month has gone by. It’s easy to think of it as another month that’s gone by but just stop for a moment and think about what the last month has brought. It won’t be all good things and it won’t be all bad things. But this delicate weave of ups and downs, as my nan would say, is ‘all part of life’s rich tapestry.’

At HYC it’s been no ordinary month and certainly one with highs & lows and blood, sweat and (happy) tears, literally! Don’t worry, the blood was from a minor injury when someone dropped a water bottle on their foot so it’s been mostly sweat and tears to be fair!

Let’s begin with the 21 Class Challenge…our 4th one since we opened and we had 61 yogis who took the plunge and got involved. The challenge board was full of names of absolute beginners who were brand new to hot yoga to those well practised and who we see almost every day during a normal week. 21 sweaty hours (minimum) of their time in our studio, pushing themselves and doing something that most of them had never done before. Let me tell you, this challenge is tough. 21 classes in 31 days. Life gets in the way, that little devil on your shoulder saying ‘just stay in bed this morning’ gets in the way, and so does the traffic! So many physical and mental obstacles to overcome…and all for the satisfaction of putting up that last sticker on the board!

I’d like to say a massive congratulations to everyone who completed their challenge, but also to say to those who didn’t quite make it, that it’s ok! After all it is just yoga isn’t it? What is important is that we look back and learn from the experience

Next up in October reflection time…we attended the Spelthorne Means Business Awards. We washed our hair, got dolled up, put our heels on and trotted off to Shepperton Studios with anticipation and nerves but a positive fire in our bellies that we might win a one of the two awards we’d been nominated for. I’m really glad I’d practised my ‘I’m not disappointed’ face when the other (very deserving) winner was announced. My heart literally sank through my chair to the floor. I took a massive gulp of wine and looked at the team and thought, it doesn’t matter. It literally doesn’t matter. Well, then I was eating my own thoughts when five minutes later we were announced as winners of the ‘Best Small Business’ award. We only went and flippin’ well won it didn’t we! If you follow us on social media we’ve kind of banged on about this a lot but it was such an amazing accolade to be crowned with. More sweat and tears went into that one than the 21 Class Challenge trust me!

Hot Yoga Club winning this award made me reflect back further than the last month. Rewind to January 2018 when the studio opened its doors. I wasn’t working at the studio back then, but I came and did the 2 week intro and that’s when I knew it was going to be a massive part of my life (maybe I’ll write another blog about how I came to be at HYC and the years leading up to that as I firmly believe that every single thing that happens in your life happens for a reason). But for now, back to the studio!

Naturally, as a small business, we have to make money and continue to attract new customers and generate revenue, and we’ll strive to keep doing this month on month. The changes we make are for the best interests of both business and customer and are never made on a whim. Last week, during the cross-over of two fully booked evening classes, whilst stood there sweating and catching my breath from teaching the first class, one of our members (who I must say astounds me with her dedication & positivity) looked around and said to me ‘look at what you’ve created’. Well, that got me! I absolutely want to be clear, that her comment is for you guys! You have created what we have right now…your dedication to get to class after scraping the ice off the car during winter, your sweaty selves during the summer before you’ve even stepped into the studio, your suggestions, your feedback and your referrals and persistence with your partners, colleagues and friends to come and try hot yoga…you make our club amazing.

So October, our award winning challenge smashing month, is dedicated to YOU. To everyone, students and staff, who have been with us since day one and to those who have joined us more recently who make HYC such a special place.

We have another challenge for you…make time this week to reflect back on the last month, maybe further back. Think about this…

  • Did you achieve your goal if you set one? Are you now where you wanted to be? Yes…amazing! What did you learn from it?  No…so what, don’t be so hard on yourself. What did you learn from it?
  • What made you smile? Why?
  • What frustrated you? Why?
  • What challenged you? Why?
  • What was easy? Why?
  • What would you do differently next time? Nothing?…come on, think harder, there’s ALWAYS something you can do differently next time.
  • Do you still love Hot Yoga Club even though you may have almost evaporated and/or had too many ‘work from home days’ to get some extra classes in? Fabulous! We still love you too so we’ll see you soon!


Much love, from myself and everyone at HYC.

Laura xxx