Listen up and loosen up guys…it’s Men’s Month

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This March we’re encouraging men to step into the heat and onto the mat, to discover hot yoga and relish the benefits for body and mind!

Yoga can complement existing training plans or be the first step towards fitness and wellbeing. The added element of heat provides a cardio workout and unique immersive experience. The long list of issues that yoga can alleviate (or eliminate) includes weak/tight muscles, joint pain, injuries, headaches/migraines, stress, inflexibility, low fitness levels and the effects of ageing.

Listen up to our hot yoga ‘men’s month soundtrack’ whether you’re a shy guy, macho man or someone in between.

Track #1 – – – The Man Who Can’t Be Moved (The Script)

Feeling achy, inflexible or finding it increasingly challenging to recover from sports or activities? Then use the advantage of the heat to stretch, strengthen and loosen muscles safely. If you’re frequently suffering from DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), a soothing Warm Candlelit class hits the spot. ‘Movement is medicine’ and more effective than remaining inactive.

“Yoga will not only train you physically but will develop you in a way that improves your self-being, your sleep, your recovery from injuries if you work out, and the tone and shape of your muscles.” HYC Male Member

Track #2 – – – Working Man (Imagine Dragons)

Work can be a major stress on the body and mind, especially if you’re sedentary, desk-based or indeed undertaking a physically strenuous job. Disconnect from screens, demands and distractions and connect with yourself in Hot 60, B Free or Rise & Flow. Work through poses in the heat to open and strengthen muscle groups and joints and improve posture, along with breathing techniques to calm your mind. How often do you truly feel 100% relaxed and able to switch off? This is your chance.

“Hot yoga helped me to relax after my very stressful job and it made me into a calmer and more focused person. The heat in class made me stronger and I realised not to give up so fast, because yoga is a marathon not a sprint.” HYC Male Member

Track #3 – – – Shy Guy (Diana King)

Everyone in your class, including the teacher, was a beginner once, so don’t be shy about being the new guy. If you’re worried yoga is suited a certain body type or geared towards women, the only way to debunk this is to come along and realise that there is a diverse mix of yogis in every single class. There are fewer men than women (something we’re trying to balance out!), BUT many men do attend and love it.

“I had been wanting to try yoga for a while, but admit I was self-conscious. Would everyone be so much better than me? Would I embarrass myself? Those fears were removed once I tried my first class and saw how friendly and helpful the teachers and students were.” HYC Male Member

Track #4 – – – Man In The Mirror (Michael Jackson)

You can feel the benefits of hot yoga after just one class, and gradually you’ll see the benefits too, as regular yoga trims, tones and improves posture. Our state-of-the-art studio has mirrors to guide your alignment and help you reach a little further, balance a little longer or focus on holding a strong pose. Besides what you see in the mirror, progression also becomes evident in everyday life thanks to your increased flexibility, strength and self-belief.

“My core feels stronger which has definitely helped my cycling. My balance and flexibility have improved, and I’ve lost a few pounds and trimmed up a bit round the edges, as someone hurtling towards their 60’s that’s not such a bad thing.” HYC Male Member

Track #5 – – – Macho Man (Village People)

If you’re wondering if yoga is macho enough, this a moot point! Yoga is not about perfecting a certain physique or enlarging egos. Everyone is on their own personal journey and building strength and stamina – mentally and physically. Think less macho and more power, such as completing a Sculpt yoga class with weights, fast-paced Rocket yoga or achieving a state of mindfulness. Members have found yoga keeps them off the injury bench or physiotherapy couch too.

“The studio is a place to leave the ego at the door! No one is looking at you, no one cares what you can or can’t do, they are just happy you’re there and experiencing such a wonderful thing.” HYC Male Member

Track #6 – – – Sharp Dressed Man (ZZ Top)

There’s no dress code at Hot Yoga Club, apart from the request to wear some clothes!

Shorts and t-shirt or vest are fine, preferably made from sporty fabric that doesn’t get heavy when damp. You don’t need hippy hot pants or to splash out on expensive branded gear.

Track #7 – – – The Man I Want To Be (Chris Young)

Hot yoga is a journey of self-discovery as you explore reaching inner calm and poses that you may have never tried or never thought you could do. It’s your practice, and your choice to push yourself as far as you want. Our range of hot yoga classes helps you be the man you want to be, by providing:

  • a low impact, non-pressurised all-over body workout
  • a heated cardio challenge that burns calories
  • a safe and rewarding way to build physical and mental strength

“I’m the trimmest and healthiest I’ve ever felt and I fully credit that to yoga. I sleep better for it and generally feel amazing when I practise regularly.” HYC Male Member

Track #8 – – – It’s Raining Men (The Weather Girls)

This is what we’d love to see this month and beyond – a studio raining with men, raining with sweat and feeling supported and amazing!

If you’re keen or curious, get in touch to find out about the different classes and membership options. We’ll help you feel at ease, we’ll make you feel welcome, and you’ll discover that we are all there for the same reason…to feel physically and mentally brilliant.

“Not to be too dramatic, but yoga has literally saved my life. I am calmer, fitter and healthier than I ever have been. I’ll never be on the cover of Men’s Health, but it’s made me not care about that. It’s MY practice and it’s something I do for myself.” HYC Male Member


So, if you’re a guy who has been thinking about giving hot yoga a try, but just not made it happen yet, we welcome and encourage you to come and join us this month, and every month after that, because our doors are open to everyone to come and start feeling amazing. 

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