MAN POWER: Why more and more men are making time for hot yoga

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We’re all tackling day-to-day physical and mental challenges, whether they’re related to stress, a hectic lifestyle, niggles/injuries that won’t go away or lack of sleep. Finding time for ‘time out’ can be a challenge. That’s where yoga can help, and it doesn’t discriminate. Whatever your age, gender or state of health, there’s a route for you that can bring positive lifelong changes. Men – listen up!


There’s no ‘ego’ in yoga

Professional athletes, coaches and doctors have realised the many benefits of regular yoga for some time now and at Hot Yoga Club we are welcoming more and more men of all ages to the studio and we also have male instructors. Many men are using hot yoga as their ‘active recovery’ days to complement their other training activities or they now use hot yoga as their main form of exercise to keep mind and body fit and healthy. It’s time to erase any preconceptions from your mind and discover how they have alleviated aches, pains and tension whilst building incredible strength, stamina and well-being. There are no egos in the studio and everyone is on their own personal journey. Think less macho…and more power.


“It’s a place to leave the ego at the door!  No one is looking at you, no one cares what you can or can’t do, they are just happy you’re there and experiencing such a wonderful thing.  It will not only train you physically but will develop you in a way that improves your self-being, your sleep, your recovery from injuries if you work out, the tone and shape of your muscles.” – Gubs, age range 40’s, attending 3-4 classes per week   


I’m a guy! How can yoga help me?

If you think yoga is a sedentary practise with a few stretches thrown in, you need to come along and see exactly what we get up to! Yoga can complement your existing workout schedule, be a first step towards fitness or become your new (healthy) addiction. Regular Hot Yoga Club members have been able to say goodbye to recurring injuries, had fewer coughs and colds, reduced their weight or stopped shelling out for treatments like physio, for example. A-maz-ing!


“Since 1st January, a mixture of Yoga, Pilates and Sculpt have enabled me to improve suppleness and balance together with general and core strength. I have lost 2 Stone in weight, ditched my chiropractor after 6 months of treatments (with his blessing) and generally feel fitter and healthier.” – Ian, attending 4+ classes per week

 “As a golf professional, being fully fit is essential to me and through years of repetition of rotating the back I suffered a lot with back problems and forever spending money at the chiropractor. I was recommended to try hot yoga which I was sceptical about. After three classes I was hooked and in the past four months have noticed my core strength improve and for the first time in a long time I have been completely injury free.” Tony, age range 40’s, attending 3 classes per week


So what happens in a class?

A hot yoga class starts gently, gradually increasing in intensity and ends with a short relaxation when you can reflect on your practise, breathing or just chill out and enjoy pure calm and quiet. How often do you truly feel 100% relaxed and able to switch off from everything and everyone? This is your chance.


“I’m the trimmest and healthiest I’ve ever felt and I fully credit that to yoga. I sleep better for it and generally feel amazing when I practise regularly.  When I don’t practise, I feel hunched up, achy and stressed.” – Gubs


Hot yoga is accessible and suitable for all fitness levels, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. You still have to work hard and focus your body and mind, just like in the gym or during sport. Teachers will ask about injuries or niggles and work around these so you avoid, or gradually introduce, certain postures…


“I am impressed with all of the teachers’ knowledge on the anatomy and prescribing alternatives due to injury.”Jake, age range 20’s


One of the most rewarding things about yoga is that you can absolutely see your progression, not just in the mirror but also in your daily life…


“Hot yoga helped me to relax after my very stressful job and it made me into a calmer and more focused person. The heat in class made me stronger and I realised not to give up so fast, because yoga is a marathon not a sprint.” Damijan, age range 40’s, 3-4 classes per week


Feeling curious or sceptical? That’s normal


“The moment you will step on the yoga mat you will forget about what other people think about you and begin a new journey.” – Damijan


If you’re reading this, you must be at least a little bit curious and we understand trying something new can be daunting. All the men we have spoken to felt some sort of apprehension before coming along to their first class but they are firm advocates now. You’ll find a warm welcome, inclusive atmosphere and a common sense of purpose that we are all there for the same reason – to feel physically and mentally well…


“It did cross my mind about what other people would think about me doing the class but when you get it there you notice how everyone else is just focused on doing their own stuff.” Tony

“I had been wanting to try yoga for a while, but admit I was self-conscious. Would everyone be so much better than me? Would I embarrass myself? Those fears were removed once I tried my first class and saw how friendly and helpful the teachers and students were. I would say to guys that are self-conscious to just go for it. Don’t worry about the temperature aspect. You will get used to it!” Aman, 20-29, 1 class per week (and increasing!)


Don’t just take our word for it

We asked some of the guys’ candid advice for a newcomer to hot yoga…


“The heat was definitely a surprise! No amount of research prepares you for actually stepping into the hot room for the first time. I was extremely proud I was able to cope well and continue to do so. I didn’t think I would be as addicted to sweating it out in the hot room as I am! Something gratifying about sweating out the negative aspects of life and knowing you are pushing yourself to continually do better in class.” Aman

“It’s quite a humbling practice and will make you focus on what’s going on inside your head while your body also gets a great workout and detoxes.  You really can take from it what you want, there’s no pressure and it’s a very healing (mentally and physically) thing to do.” Gubs


Men, you’re missing out…try it out this month FREE!

If you have never tried hot yoga at HYC, your first class will be completely free during the month of April. Throughout this month we are asking for a minimum £1 donation that goes to Prostrate Cancer UK. Call or email us to find the right class for your first yoga experience….we look forward to welcoming you!

01784 463100

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“One aspect I love about the Hot Yoga Club in Staines is the friendliness of everyone involved from reception staff to the teachers and students. I can honestly say yoga and in particular hot yoga is one of the best things I have ever taken up.” – Aman

“Not to be too dramatic, but yoga has literally saved my life. I am calmer, fitter and healthier than I ever have been – I’ll never be on the cover of Men’s Health but it’s made me not care about that.  It’s MY practice and it’s something I do for myself.” – Gubs

For any guys out there who are thinking about trying it out or joining, just do it. This club is not for ladies only …… it will challenge you.” Ian