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31st October 2020 is a special occasion…a full moon on Halloween! Despite what we’re led to believe, this doesn’t actually happen very often; every 19 years or so. In fact, the entire 21st century will see only six Halloween full moons. These fall in 2001, 2020, 2039, 2058, 2077, and 2096.

However, on a spiritual level, this year’s Halloween full moon is not spooky at all and is an opportunity for channelling positivity. It is what’s known as a Blue Moon because it’s the second of two full moons in a single calendar month (they are also defined as the third of four full moons in a season). The last one occurred on 31st March 2018, hence the phrase “once in a Blue Moon” coined by Shakespeare. The Beatles and Elvis have also sung about a Blue Moon, but what does this have to do with yoga we hear you ask?

Well, a Blue Moon is not actually blue in colour (sorry) but it’s very meaningful to spiritualists who celebrate it as a time of fortune and luck. It’s the time to make plans or goals such as clearing away emotional baggage and letting go of this past year. This seems apt, as 2020 has been a very strange and challenging year for most of us. With its spiritual roots, yoga is intrinsically connected to the meaning and opportunities associated with the Blue Moon. This is an ideal moment for you to consider your own yoga, fitness and well-being goals. Setting objectives provides a mid to long-term purpose, alongside improved physical and mental health. Of course, your goals will be personal to you and what makes you feel accomplished and happy. Perhaps you will focus on your mindfulness, awareness or breathing, trying a new class, appreciating gratitude, or stepping out of your comfort zone and pushing that crow pose a little further.

Moon references in yoga

Hatha Yoga translated from Sanskrit means sun (‘ha’) and moon (‘tha’), referring to the balancing of our masculine side (the sun: hot and active) and feminine side (the moon: cool and receptive). You probably are all familiar with “half moon” from our own Hot 60 class. This Bikram yoga pose stretches the entire body and tests your balance (and breathing!). It is said to be a positive, energising pose with many health benefits including aiding digestion.


A moon salutation is traditionally practised at night for calming and relaxation purposes, and features in our weekly Flow & Go class that is returning from Tuesday 27th October. Some of you may have tackled 108 sun salutations during ‘hot yoga on demand’ in lockdown, bringing heat and energy to your body. This sequence honours the change of season and is a sacred number (1, 0, 8 represent one thing, nothing and everything). Vedic astrologers determined that the average distance between the sun, moon, and Earth is 108 times their respective diameters.

The energetic experiences created by the sun and moon exerting a gravitational pull on the Earth is similar to the inhaling and exhaling in yoga. ‘Full moon energy’ corresponds to the end of inhalation when the energy force is greatest. Spiritualists believe during the full moon we tend to be more energetic and emotional, and some yogis even advise being mindful of your increased prana (life force or energy) during a full moon as you could end up overzealous – the gravitational pull is thought to be that strong.

Perhaps this Halloween you can make great things happen in your yoga journey. See it as an opportunity to feel spiritual, powerful and productive. If you only think about your personal hot yoga goals ‘once in a Blue Moon’, now’s your time! We would love to help you reach them. Join us on the 31st October for one of our morning classes – Rise & Flow, Hot 60 or BFree Hot Yoga – where we will use some time in each class to breathe, let go of the last few months and clear the way for positive change and goals to focus on over the next period.

We look forward to seeing you soon, not just once in a blue moon!

If you have any questions about our classes and how to get started please get in touch with us at the studio, 01784 463100 or [email protected]