Top tips for 21 Class Challenge success!

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The 21 Class Challenge is back for October 2019, and it’s better than ever before! ⁠Read below for our top tips for success!

⁠21 classes in 31 days sounds tough and it is tough at times – it wouldn’t be a challenge otherwise. But remember, nothing worthwhile is meant to be easy and nothing truly exciting happens until you step out of your comfort zone. If you’re still thinking about it, see our previous blog on 21 reasons to take the plunge, but make sure you sign up asap as the countdown is on.

Once you’ve committed mind and body to the challenge, here are nine practical tips for helping you stay on track. Why aren’t we giving you ten tips? Read on to find out…

TIP 1: Get the HYC app, book classes & stay on track

The HYC app is great for making bookings and setting automatic calendar reminders so you know which classes you’re doing. You don’t want to miss out, so reserve your place(s) in good time. HYC offers 35 classes every week so plenty of opportunities to get to the studio! Click here to download the app and get planning.

TIP 2: Be creative with your time

Think about how you can alter your routine to fit in a class. For example, you could get up extra early, prep meals in advance, do an online food shop, leave work on time… you’ll be amazed how you can squeeze in a class simply by thinking outside the box and planning ahead.

TIP 3: Try every class!

Don’t be apprehensive about trying a class you haven’t done before. If it gets you another flame sticker… do it! All our classes are part of the challenge, from yoga to Pilates, from Rocket to Sculpt, hot & non-heated.

TIP 4: Work, work, work (flexibly)

Yes, work can get in the way, we completely understand. Aside from taking the month off (unlikely), see if working more flexibly is an option to fit a class in when you usually can’t make it – working from home or starting/finishing earlier or later for example. Your boss might well support your 21 Day Challenge, seeing as a better work/life balance and well-being are gaining importance in the workplace.

TIP 5: Go double bubble

Consider back-to-back classes or a morning class and evening class on the same day. Many of our members already do, including teachers, and so can you! The timetable is packed with classes that make this possible.

TIP 6: Support each other

Encourage a friend to join you or make a friend in class (or a group of friends) for support. When the going gets tough, your commitment and enthusiasm is less likely to waver and you can also celebrate completing the challenge together! Follow HYC on Insta and Facebook for even more motivation and share your progress. Tag us in your posts and stories, we love to be part of everyone’s challenge!

TIP 7:  Ask for help

If something’s stopping you get to a class, could you ask friends, family, fellow yogis or neighbours if they can help? From rescheduling a lunch date to grabbing a lift, or help with childcare or dog walking, they can only say no… but they may well say yes! Return favours for friends so you can both get to a class.

TIP 8: Build yoga into your fitness regime

Use the 21 Day Challenge to try yoga as a great cross-training activity or switch one of your weekly gym/swim/spin sessions to yoga or Pilates. Discover how it complements your other activities and keeps you supple and energised over the month.

TIP 9: Acknowledge change

Accept that this month might be a bit different to your usual routine, but all for a great reason. A month of more yoga than you’ve ever done before will make you feel amazing and accomplished. Think of it as 31 days to focus on your physical and mental awesomeness. You could record your journey as a blog, journal or video.

TIP 10….

The tenth tip is waiting to be discovered – by you. No doubt you will find your own methods for completing 21 yoga sessions in just 31 days and it’s always beneficial to reflect on this. Please share your tips with us so we can learn from each other for future yoga challenges!

By the end of this challenge we are confident that you will see and feel a huge difference in your mind and body. Even if you don’t manage all 21 classes in 31 days, you will still have worked hard trying to get there and can learn from the experience.

Are you ready? Sign up today either online or via the app and get your name up on the board. See you in the studio!