Yoga at home or yoga in the studio?

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New faces are joining classes at the Hot Yoga Club every day of the week and when we’re asking if they’ve done yoga before, more and more people are responding with ‘just at home with some YouTube videos’. When we ask them why they are now deciding to come to a studio class it is generally because they don’t know if they’re doing it right and they want to learn yoga under the guidance of qualified teachers.

So we thought we’d share some benefits on why coming to a class in the studio should be tried. We’re not saying that you shouldn’t follow YouTube videos at home, there’s some great online tutorials out there, but we do encourage you to come along and see and feel the difference.

Benefit from proper teaching methods

It might seem a quick-fix to ‘teach yourself’ yoga by watching a few YouTube videos at home, but the presenter isn’t watching you back and may not even be qualified. You could be doing it wrong and not know or realise, which is not only pointless but also dangerous. Our teachers will talk and guide you through the class at a suitable pace, introducing each pose at a basic level and explain how to move from the foundations into full expression and dismount safely, making corrections or modifications along the way. Best of all you can ask questions AND get answers! Our teachers are always available before and after class to chat so if you want to ask anything that is more in depth please do!

It’s nurturing and motivating

Remember that quite often the practitioners in yoga videos or ads are usually the most flexible, supple people who will make it look effortless, which is not true for the majority of us! They’ve been snapped performing advanced poses that leave you feeling confused and disheartened when you can’t keep up or achieve what they can. You may also end up hurting yourself by pushing too far into a pose trying to bend yourself into these shapes without proper warm up or instruction. By joining one of our classes you’ll appreciate that everyone has a different physiology with individual strengths. It’s totally normal to take time to build up to a pose or have a little wobble! At home alone, it’s too easy to give up when perhaps all you need is a little guidance and smile from a friendly teacher.

It allows you to focus, listen and learn

In the studio there is plenty of space to stretch out, plus mirrored walls to help you check your alignment from several angles. You can focus on breathing and working the pose for the correct length of time whilst the teacher helpfully reminds you where your hips, head, arms etc. should be (and generally keeps you going with some motivating commentary!) Even in a busy class they keep an eye on everyone and offer 1:1 support where possible.

It gives you a whole hour (or more) of uninterrupted me-time

With the best will in the world, it’s hard to find a whole hour to yourself at home where you won’t be interrupted by something or someone. The kids are shouting, the cat’s taken up residence on your yoga mat, impending chores are clouding your mind… trying to focus and relax is pretty impossible. Coming along to the studio cuts off the outside world for a bit and gives you time to unwind and recharge your batteries. You deserve it and will feel so much better afterwards.

Make time to make progress

You’ll see noticeable progress when you make time for hot yoga and commit to a class (or two or three…) a week. By choosing designated classes you can plan other aspects of your schedule around them to ensure that nothing gets in the way. It’s now even easier to view the timetable, book classes and add to your calendar with our new app. Make the commitment to yourself that you’re going to go – and enjoy it!

Feel part of the club!

Getting out of the house for an invigorating and healthy workout can only be a good thing and us yogis are generally very friendly! We love a bit of class banter, a selfie or two and you’ll also get to hear our latest news, offers and fun challenges (like the 21 Class Challenge). You can also browse the HYC clothing range and have a good natter to your fellow yogis, teachers and receptionists… usually yoga related but not always!

You like it hot and we’ve got the heat

A final point to make… creating a hot yoga room at home is pretty challenging! Come along to our professional studio that’s always hot and ready for you. We promise you a warm welcome, helpful teachers and first-class facilities including options to hire a mat and towel. Don’t miss out on the Hot Yoga Club experience – it’s all part of your yoga journey.

Find out how to get started with us by visiting or call 01784 463100. We’ll talk you through your options and find out the best classes and package for you.