YOGA GOALS: Set it, stick to it, achieve it!

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What are your current yoga goals? If you don’t have any yet, maybe now is the time to sit down and set some!

Fitness or wellbeing goals give you focus, motivation and purpose alongside improved physical and mental health. Ultimately, these goals will be personal to each individual and there are many elements of a hot yoga practice that you can hone for a deep sense of accomplishment. Here’s a few inspirational suggestions to get you started…and our friendly teachers can help you reach them.

Turn a challenging pose into a champion pose

It can be a natural reaction to avoid a challenging posture or resign yourself to the fact you’re not cut out for it. But in yoga (and indeed any sport), most of us encounter a ‘nemesis’ – even the teachers – and by breaking these down and slowly building up, often you’ll find that you CAN do it with a bit of patience and perseverance. Whether it’s flying eagle or camel (or anything else) that makes you a bit wobbly, make a promise to yourself to see these postures as goals that you will gradually push yourself towards improving. Learn to love them, not loathe them!

Focus your awareness during class

As we know, there’s a lot more to hot yoga than simply stretching. Why not pick an aspect you know you forget or neglect, such as your breathing, hip alignment or core? Keep these in mind as you move through your class, for example double checking your core is engaged when it should be or that you’re remembering to breathe (it’s easy to hold your breath without realising when you’re concentrating!). This gives each of your classes a key focus and you can identify what you’re doing well and what you can improve.

Step out of your comfort zone

There’s a saying that ‘nothing happens in your comfort zone’ and it’s kind of true. Nothing incredible will happen and you can cruise along happily, but if you want to set and achieve a goal then you need to push your boundaries. Think about what you’d do (and how you’d feel) if you found a little extra confidence. It could be standing nearer the front of the class, going for the next stage of a pose, checking your alignment more in the studio mirrors, or wearing shorts without feeling self-conscious. Step out of your comfort zone and reap the rewards! If we can help you with this, just let us know.

Try a different class

It’s great to find a class (or classes) that you enjoy and stick to every week. However, one of your goals might be to try a class that’s a bit different or outside of your usual workout hours. Perhaps an early morning yoga class to feel that sunrise buzz, or a Sculpt class using weights. Your goal could be to try every single class at least once…or two classes back-to-back for a double dose of sweaty satisfaction!

Plan to arrive to class a little earlier

Goals don’t just have to be about what you want to achieve during class. Why not make the most of the hot room and arrive 10 mins before your class to get settled and relax in the heat? You’ll be calmer, more acclimatised and grab that extra bit of peaceful ‘me time’ instead of rushing around. Book your class using the app, check-in and take your spot for a great class. A simple self-promise that you can keep.

Introduce a friend to hot yoga

If you’ve got a friend who is always saying they want to try hot yoga, make it your goal to bring them along and show them what it’s all about! Similarly, if you’ve got a reluctant friend/partner/family member, challenge yourself to get them to join you for at least one class or to sign up for a two-week intro pass.

Top tips for goal setting

Goals are great for measuring your progress, but only if you know where you are currently and where you want to be heading. Remember to set realistic self-promises that are achievable or set bite-size goals that will lead to a bigger milestone. It’s not about becoming a yoga superstar overnight, so try not to be over-ambitious and avoid comparing yourself to others – work with your own amazing body and mind! Tracking your progress is a sure way to see how far you’ve come. You could write in a journal or simply reflect on the conscious efforts you made (and how you felt) after each class. Once you reach a particular goal, that might be reward enough in itself, but you can always treat yourself for extra motivation… maybe some new Hot Yoga Club flip flops or yoga mat. We look forward to helping you get there, and remember patience is key!


If you haven’t tried hot yoga or Pilates yet, your first goal is to come along to Hot Yoga Club and meet us! We’re super friendly and have a fantastic timetable to suit all schedules. Call 01784 463100 or pop into the studio and have a look around. You can also visit us online at

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